Minggu, 14 November 2010

MBC and SBS to cancel shows for November 13th and 14th

MBC and SBS will be canceling some of their weekend variety programs for November 13th and 14th due to two separate special occasions. MBC will be airing the “2010 Asian Games” relay, while SBS aims to focus on their special 20th anniversary broadcasts.
In addition to the cancellations reported yesterday, MBC will be canceling:
  • We Got Married
  • Infinity Challenge
  • Section TV Entertainment News
  • Sunday Sunday Night“ (“Hot Brothers, Enjoy Today“)
SBS will not be airing the “2010 Asian Games”, since they will be airing a special broadcast for their 20th year anniversary instead.
Their canceled shows are:
  • Inkigayo” (“2010 Love Sharing Concert” will air in its place)
  • Good Sunday” (“Running Man, Heroes“)
KBS will be broadcasting the “2010 Asian Games” on their 1TV channel, so “Star Golden Bell,” “Happy Sunday,” and “Gag Concert” will continue broadcasting as planned.
Source + Photos: E Daily
via: allkpop

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