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SS501’s Kim Hyung Joon chats about his debut as a musical actor

Do not panic! Breathe! This is a shot of SS501′Kim Hyung Joon kissing his co-star for his debut musical role in “Cafe In“.
On November 15th, Kim Hyung Joon attended the press conference for “Cafe In” (held by DH Entertainment), where he expressed his thoughts on his upcoming debut as a musical actor. “I get nervous thinking about having to sing and act at the same time. However, I always tend to have fun when I’m on stage. It’s a new experience.”
When asked about his fellow members’ reactions to his casting, the singer replied, “They were all shocked. I could’ve showed a good image through my music, but when I told them about this good opportunity to act in a musical, Jung Min asked if I had any thoughts of learning from him. I ‘politely’ declined his offer and said I didn’t need his help. They all gave me their support. They’re genuinely happy for me. That’s why I’m happy.”
During the conference, the reporter asked to point out something that makes him stand out from the rest of the popular idols. Kim Hyung Joon laughed and joked, “There’s so much…”, but went on to add, “I’m bright and think positively for everything. I think that’s a strong point. It’s my first time doing a musical, but still I accepted it in a positive light, so I think it suits me well. I’m someone with a strong mindset and great endurance.”
Kim Hyung Joon also added that he’s cheerful even when the director tells him off. “I have fun even when I get told off by him. From an actor’s point of view, they’re happy even when they’re yelled at.”
The singer revealed that he has been practicing 7-8 hours a day in order to shake off his idol image on stage, and successfully deliver a performance of a great musical actor.
‘Cafe In’ will begin performances from November 24th until January 23rd of 2011.
Source: OSEN
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