Minggu, 14 November 2010

Girl’s Day doesn’t want to be just a flash in the pan

The five girls of Girl’s Day recently sat down for an interview in order to talk about some of the changes their team has gone through.
On their recent member change, leader Sojin stated, “A lot of people think our group ran into trouble because we changed members just two months into our debut. It’s really just that the two friends who left had different dreams. It was confusing, but we tried to understand them and accept it. We may not have trained for 3-4 years like other girl groups, but our new members have adjusted well and our group has gotten a lot brighter.
Regarding the group’s fresh start with their latest comeback, “Nothing Lasts Forever,” maknae Hyeri revealed, “I put everything I had into rehearsing because I knew that as the new member, people will scrutinize me more.”
Girl’s Day also has a growing fanbase overseas as well, which is increasing minute by minute through venues such as Youtube. An international fansite has been created and the Girl’s Day Twitter accounts hold about 30,000 followers, half of which claim to be international fans. MinAh, who previously appeared in the variety show “Bouquet“, has about 8,000 international followers on her personal Twitter account.
MinAh added, “We get presents from LA, and fans from England and Japan personally fly to Korea to give us gifts. It’s extremely surprising.
The group has already received contract offers from famous Japanese agencies, but are putting it on hold in order to focus on getting their popularity up in Korea.
Sojin stated, “We want to express everything we want to and connect it to the public. We want to perform music that isn’t just an addictive hook song, but something we can all enjoy together. Possessing charms other girl groups don’t have, we’re hoping to show off everything we have to offer while displaying a variety of genres.”
MinAh concluded, “Instead of just a mere star that flashes once in the sky, we want to become the nation’s idols. The type of group that is loved not only by teens, but by all generations.
Source + Photos: Donga
via: allkpop

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